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Icône gestion des mandats

Management of mandates

The Self Service Mandate system (SSM) is an online application of the public sector enabling the proxy giver and the proxy holder to give or discontinue a proxy, with the use of the eID and pin code (or another digital key).

Every type of proxy (mandate) gives access to a specific online application of the public sector. The proxy holder will only be able to make use of its given proxy after the proxy has been accepted “for approval” by both parties.

Fiscal mandates

Income Tax Return (Residents/non residents-individuals) through Tax-on-web, Myminfin, Biztax, Intervat…

"Healthcare" mandates

'Healthcare' mandates give access to applications that provide support to healthcare (invoicing third-party payment, global medical file, insurability...).

Currently, the mandates may be assigned to individuals, care institutions identified by a NIHDI number (group of nurses, retirement, lab...), and enterprises.

Flemish Government Mandates

These mandates give access to digital applications via the Access and User Management of the Flemish Government (ACM/IDM).

Natural persons and legal representatives of companies have direct access to the SSM application for Flemish Government mandates. Other users of companies must have an 'SSM Mandate Manager' user right in the User Management of the Flemish Government (IDM).

Specific information on Flemish Government mandates can be found on the Flemish Government info page New window.